Nishiyama welcomes products from overseas handles in Japan. It is proud that the products which meet our user's specifications and needs can be quickly located after an inquiry by using our network of overseas subsidiaries and liaison offices.

In addition, each employee who works abroad has experience in sales in Japan. Each always considers the need to have high quality in overseas / imported products, keeping in mind his experience in domestic sales. Members of the Import Group visit the domestic user interested in the overseas products when a suitable product is located.

Products sectors which Nishiyama handles are :

  • Gas Equipment Sector
  • Electric Power Sector
  • Railroad Industries Sector
  • Industrial Machinery Sector
  • Electro Control Sector
  • Telecommunication & Information Sector

Manufacturers and representatives of overseas companies which have high quality products that might have a place in the Japanese market are invited to contact Nishiyama to discuss the potentiality, without obligation.