Rakuraku track measurement instrument (RAILKIZAI CO., LTD.)

Rakuraku track measurement instrument

Rakuraku track measurement instrument is a track maintenance equipment to measure the planarity and longitudinal level of the track. Commonly used in track maintenance site in Japan, easy and convenient to carry around.


  • ①String tensioner : Tensile Strength : 2kg / A constant tension no matter who measures
  • ②String table :
    (1) Standard Height : 20mm bottom magnet
    (2) Curve section with thread slippage stopper
  • ③Clearance gauge :
    (1) Measurement of the planarity and longitudinal level with single gauge
    (2) Measurement is possible with just plugging in
  • ④Spool of string: With a 30m (Max 50m) reel lock for easy winding
  • ⑤String :
    (1) Low elongation ultrahigh-molecular polyethylene is used
    (2) Marking every 1, 5, 10 meter
  • ⑥Portable storage case: Storage of all measurement equipment (Waist bag type)
  • ⑦Each type of equipment is made of insulation material