To Create Innovation NISHIYAMA

Providing our customers with "Best Matching" requires ongoing
planning and development.



Founded in 1916, Nishiyama Corporation was organized as a wholesaler and distributor of industrial rubber products.
The guiding principle of the Company from its inception until today has always been to best serve its customers by meeting their needs with products representing the best of current and advanced technologies.

Using its more than 100 years experience, Nishiyama has expanded the scope of its operations and earned an excellent track record in a variety of fields, including :energy and utilities,
industrial equipment.
transportation, machinery and equipment,
information and communications,
electronics, semiconductors, and e-business.

Nishiyama has expanded its operations to cover not only Japan but more than 30 countries around the world.
Nishiyama offers consulting and engineering services that convert and develop customers' ideas into creative products.