Multi gas detector - GX-6000(RIKEN KEIKI Co., Ltd.)

Multi gas detector - GX-6000
  • Multi gas detection(CH4 / O2 / H2S / CO / VOC / HC)
  • PID, Electro Chemical, IR, Galvanic Cell for smart sensor
  • Multi language (English/Japanese/Korean/French/Spanish/Italy/German/Russian/Portuguese)
  • Man down alarm (When no movement of the holder)
  • Panic alarm
  • LED flashlight

Diverse target gases!
Measurement of up to six gases with one device!!

Multi gas detector - GX-6000

Select from 11 types of gas line up!*1 (up to two types)

Gas to be detected Detection range
(service range)
1dlglt Alarm setpoint value Sensor
1st 2nd TWA STEL
Volatile organic compound (VOC) 0~5000:1ppb ~5000:1ppb
5000ppb 10000ppb - - P1
0~6000ppm ~600.0 : 0.1ppm
400.0ppm 1000ppm - - P2
VOC: 0~100ppm ~10ppm:0.01ppm
5ppm 10ppm - - P3
Benzene:0~50ppm - - - -
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 0~99.90ppm 0.05ppm 2.00ppm 5.00ppm 2.00ppm 5.00ppm E1
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 0~20.00ppm 0.05ppm 3.00ppm 6.00ppm 3.00ppm - E2
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) 0~15.0ppm 0.1ppm 5.0ppm 10.0ppm - 4.7ppm E3
Ammonia (NH3) 0~400.0ppm 0.5ppm 25.0ppm 50.0ppm 25.0ppm 35.0ppm E4
Chlorine (Cl2) 0~10.00ppm 0.05ppm 0.50ppm 1.00ppm 0.50ppm 1.00ppm E5
Flammable gas (HC) 0~100%LEL(~30.0vol%)*2 1%LEL (0.5vol%) 10%LEL 50%LEL - - D2
Flammable gas (CH4) 0~100%LEL/~100.0vol%*3 1%LEL / 0.5vol% 10%LEL 50%LEL - - D3
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0~10.00vol% 0.02vol% 0.50vol% 3.00vol% 0.50vol% 3.00vol% D1
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0~10000ppm 20ppm 5000ppm - 5000ppm - D4

*1 Caution in use might be necessary in the case of specific combination. Please contact RIKEN KEIKI.
*2 The display automatically changes into vol% when gas of 100% LEL or more is detected.
Product code・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Selected gas types are included in product codes as shown below.

Multi gas detector - GX-6000

Easier to use, more sophisticated

Multi gas detector - GX-6000

Detect Benzene selectively in low concentration

Multi gas detector - GX-6000

New 10.0eV PID sensor & Pre-filter tube make it possible to detect benzene selectively!

Benzene increases the risk of cancer and other illnesses.
The average allowable amount in workroom air during an 8-hour workday, 40-hour workweek (TLV-TWA) is 0.5ppm.
GX-6000 Benzene Select Mode can measure benzene from 0.01ppm.

Pre-filter tube

*does not include RoHS directive chemical substance.
*removes most interference gases longer time.

Measurement time : 45 seconds (at 20℃~29.9℃)

*Measurement time is determined automatically by temperature.

Product Specification

Model GX-6000
Alarm type Gas alarm : 2-step alarm, TWA, STEL, OVER alarm
Fault alarm : system error, sensor error, battery voltage drop, calibration defeat, decreased flow
Other : Panic alarm, Man-down alarm*1
Alarm display Gas alarming : blinking lamp, buzzer continuous modulated sound, gas concentration display and blinking
alarm details, vibration
Fault alarming : blinking lamp, buzzer on and off, displayed fault details.
Other : blinking lamp, buzzer continuous modulated sound
Warning buzzer sound pressure 95 dB (A) or higher (30cm) (with the protection cover)
Detection method Pump drawing type
Drawing flow rate 0.45 L / min or more (open flow rate)
Display LCD digital (full dot display)
Display language English / Japanese / French / Spanish / Portuguese / German / Italian / Russian / Korean
Power supply Lithium-ion battery unit or battery unit <Three size AA alkaline batteries*2>
Continuous operating time Lithium-ion battery unit : approx. 14 hours (25℃, fully charged, without alarm nor illumination)
Dry battery unit : approx. 8 hours (25℃, new dry battery, without alarm nor illumination)
Range of operating temperature -20~+50℃
Range of operating relative humidity Below 95% RH (non-condensing)
External dimension Approx. 70(W)×201(H)×54(D)mm (projection portions excluded)
Weight Approx. 500g (lithium-ion battery unit is used) / Approx. 450g (dry battery unit is used).
Protection level IP67 equivalent
Explosion proof class Ⅱ 1G Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga
Certifications and Approvals ATEX Explosion-proof authorized, IECEx authorized, CE Marking approved, THIS Explosion-proof authorized
Function LCD backlight, data logger, peak value display, log date display, several languages displayed, screen inversion, LED light

*1 Normally the man-down alarm function is set to OFF. To use this function, please contact RIKEN KEIKI.
*2 To meet requirements of explosion-proof capabilities, use dry batteries described in Certificate of Conformity of the Explosion-proof Construction of Electric Equipment and Devices.