Export Products

Inkjet Printing Machine Sector

Tube (Hakko Corporation)


Hakko Tube products are widely used in inkjet printer application in Japan and other countries.
Multi-layered tube structure and fluorine resin material of inner layer, some of the characteristics of their products, provides high ink resistance, gas barrier and solvent barrier properties.
A wide range of products available in various tube size, and tube products for water-based ink, solvent-based ink, and UV-curable ink are also available.


  • Inner fluorine resin layer provide high ink resistance
  • Multi-layer structure provide high flexibility and high gas barrier and solvent properties.
  • Wide range of products in various tube size
  • Made-to- order product is available
  • High flexible tube is suitable for a small-space arrangement

Filter(Hangzhou Cobetter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd)


Cobetter filter products are used worldwide in variety of fields such as pharmacy, food & beverage, and fine chemical. Cobetter also sends out products to inkjet printer field, with developments, experiences, and high quality. In order to meet customers’ demands or solve customer's tasks, they provide various validation and analysis service such as ink contaminant analysis, ink chemical compatibility analysis, customized-filtration solution, and more.


  • Wide range of products for filter
  • Japanese Quality Control Method
  • Full range of development, designing and manufacturing capabilities: Membrane factory, Fiber element factory, Filter design housing factory, R&D laboratory
  • Various validation and analysis / testing service
  • Focus on membrane technologies and R&D

Quick Connector (Surpass Industry Co., Ltd.)

Quick Connector

Surpass’s major business field is semiconductor and sends out chemical supply connector products to the semiconductor industry where is required for connector with high quality. Surpass develops connectors for Inkjet printers, taking advantage of their experiences and accumulated know-how in semiconductor application. “Non-spill” and “grease-less” are the main characteristics of Surpass connectors in inkjet printer application.


  • PP-made quick connectors
  • Easy detached by the one-touch connection method
  • Non-spilled connectors(Liquid remains less than 0.1ml every disconnection)
  • Can identify type of O-ring material by connector's color
  • Compact and light-weight design
  • Connector which has black helps blocking in ultraviolet