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Photoluminescence pigment (LTI Corporation)

Photoluminescence pigment

The α-Vega Series is a group of strontium aluminate based powder pigments that were developed and patented by LTI.
Unlike conventional pigments, α-Vega will continue to glow even when completely submerged in water. In addition to being completely water resistance, α-Vega has also increased the light emitting ability relative to conventional pigments.

AIRCASTER (Air Caster Solutions, LLC.)


Air Caster Solutions, LCC. has more than 30 years experience in the heavy move industry, helping you move equipment that weights in excess of 150 tons and last longer than any other air bearing product on the market. An air caster is a load moving device that uses a continious flow of air to eliminate friction between the floor surface and the casters' compliant diaphram. By eliminating friction, a load can be moved on air casters with only 1/10 of the force needed to move that same load on wheels.

Full Automatic BET Specific Surface Area Analyzer Macsorb® (MOUNTECH Co.Ltd.,)

Full Automatic BET Specific Surface Area Analyzer Macsorb

The fully automated BET specific surface area measuring device Macsorb® enables quick and highly accurate measurements by means of direct PC control and automation of all processes. In addition, since various optional units can also be easily installed afterwards according to the needs, it becomes easier to create a device with the configuration that matches the customer’s operational environment.

Ozone gas monitor (Applics Co.,Ltd.)

Ozone gas monitor

It is a device to measure the concentration of ozone gas. It is less susceptible to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity with newly developed sensor. In addition, the sensor can be replaced with a simple adjustment for ease of maintenance.
Applications: Manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, semiconductor cleaning equipment. Other industries using ozone gas.

Electric furnace - Super-Burn series (Motoyama Co., Ltd.)

Electric furnace - Super-Burn series

Since its launch in 1975, the "Super-burn" high-speed temperature-boosting electric furnace has been highly acclaimed and trusted, and has become a best-selling product, with more than 3,000 units sold.
In consideration of the improvement of furnace construction method and ease of use, we have added the S6/S7 series to this series with improved temperature distribution accuracy, power consumption reduced by about 20%, intuitive touch panel operation, and a separate electric furnace/control unit that provides a high degree of flexibility in the installation layout. The furnace can be used for a wide range of heat treatment applications, from research and development to small lot production. We also have other electric furnaces of various sizes. Please feel free to contact us for more information.