AIRCASTER (Air Caster Solutions, LLC.)


Air Caster Solutions, LCC. has more than 30 years experience in the heavy move industry, helping you move equipment that weights in excess of 150 tons and last longer than any other air bearing product on the market. An air caster is a load moving device that uses a continious flow of air to eliminate friction between the floor surface and the casters' compliant diaphram. By eliminating friction, a load can be moved on air casters with only 1/10 of the force needed to move that same load on wheels.


  • High Capacity in a small area
  • Omnidirectional Movement
  • Will not damage floors
  • Extremely low friction (requires approx. 1 lb. of force to move 1,000 lbs. of weight)
  • Stable working surface when not in use
  • Spark-free operation for hazardous areas