Electric furnace - Super-Burn series (Motoyama Co., Ltd.)

Electric furnace - Super-Burn series

The “SUPER-BURN” electric furnace is equipped with a molybdenum disilicate heater and high quality alumina board heat insulating materials and it has been building a solid reputation and confidence as the best reliable ultra-high speed heat elevation electric furnace.“S6/S7 series” has improved furnace body, it reduced power consumption 20% and gave high accuracy temperature distribution.


"-Superior heat insulation performance- Contactless high reliable circuit- Optimal control for different test materials - Safety and space conscious"


Model S6-2025D S6-2035D S7-2025D S7-2035D
Max. operational temp 1600℃ 1700℃
Temp, distribution +/- approx.3 ℃ (Within effective dimensions, normal operation temperature, no sample)
Heat-up time/temp Approx. 60 min.
Atmosphere Oxidizing atmosphere
Inside dimensions 200x200x250 200x200x350 200x200x250 200x200x350
Heater Molybdenum disilicate heater
Heater capacity 6.0 kW 7.5 kW 6.0 kW 7.5 kW
Control system PID control
Power source AC200V 1φ 50/60 Hz
Working power 9 kVA
Equipment dimensions W 490 x H 625 x D 670 mm
Weight (kg) Approx. 74 kg Approx. 79 kg Approx. 74 kg Approx. 79 kg